What We Don’t Do

Error Coins

Almost everyday Vegas Coin Dealer gets calls or emails about error coins, requesting some kind verification or authentication that they posses genuine mint errors. Vegas Coin Dealer is not an expert in error coinage. This area of coins is very specific and certain people specialize in it.

We do not recommend going to just anyone to verify if you have a genuine error coin.

Some error coins are truly rare and can go for high prices and others are not very valuable at all.

Usually, these coins have to be a known errors or at least recognized by the mint as a mistake. These coins usually have been noted in the US Red Book for coins.

The best way to get relevant information on your own is still through books. We recommend the US Red Book for error coins, or other books about error coins that have example pictures.


For more information on the Red Book:

The Official Red Book™ (A Guide Book of United States Coins) is 75 years young and going strong. Collectors around the country love the book’s grade-by-grade values, auction records, historical background, detailed specifications, high-resolution photographs, and accurate mintage data. How rare are your coins? How much are they worth? The Red Book tells you, covering everything from early colonial copper tokens to hefty Old West Silver dollars and dazzling gold coins. More collectors turn to the Red Book than any other retail guide in the hobby!


The Red Book is not good for pricing coins but it contains most of the information you need. For pricing it's best to refer to auction houses to see what the specific coin has sold for in the relevant grade or PCGS Coin facts.


Modern US Coins Post 1960s

Modern coins such as state quarters of all kinds and modern dollars of all kinds as well as modern commemorative coins. Vegas Coin Dealer does not have expertise in these coins and we do not deal in them. For these types of coins, we recommend taking them to your local coin shop for evaluation or a dealer that specializes in modern coins.


Modern Foreign Coins

Modern foreign coins are also not our expertise and we do not deal in these types of coins. It is best to deal with someone who specializes in foreign coins. Local coin shops might purchase these coins also.


Coin Shop Status

We are not a traditional coin shop and we do not have a retail location at this time. In the future this might change but as of now every in-person visit must be for clients and requires an appointment made in advance.