Investing in rare coins over time; How does it differentiate from buying and stacking bullion such as Generic Gold & Silver?

The rare coin market does not have a live international market where the price fluctuates day-to-today like the gold and silver markets. Therefore rare coin prices incur less volatility. Rare coin prices usually move with collector demand and major auctions which tend to be 3 to 4 times per year. Having lower volatility and solid price appreciation over time, in our experience have made owning rare coins more of an alpha winning strategy for investing and preserving wealth, whereas buying and storing bullion acts more as a strategy to ensure against major fiat currencies being devalued. Gold and silver markets are very liquid markets and these metals, in particular, gold act as an alternative currency. This is also why Gold is still held by major central banks and large sovereign wealth funds.

How best to sell my rare coins when there is no highly liquid international open market like bullion?

Despite what most people think rare coins are bought and sold almost every day and have good liquidity. Between the major auction houses and dealers that also participate in private rare coin exchanges give you the ability to get liquidity when needed. The most appropriate venue for selling your rare coins would depend on the type of rare coin and its various attributes. You also want to maximize the value of your piece and in order to do that, you have to look at the specific piece individually. Some coins are best sold at auction, some with trusted dealers who can act as an agent to place your coin with an appropriate collector (akin to a real estate agent) and or a dealer that will buy it outright for investment or to inventory your coins.

Do you buy coins back?

Yes, we absolutely buy coins back not only to inventory but we also have years of experience and three generations of relationships in rare coins and collectibles so we can act as an agent to help you sell your coins for the best possible price. By acting as an agent for you it's in our best interest to get you top dollar for your items. Dealing with us also automatically gives your access to our network of collectors and dealers.

Why deal with you as opposed to a major auction house?

Personal care and independent expert advice. It is more than important to have a personal relationship with someone you are doing business with at most capacities particularly in the coin business. Dealing with us gives you your own personal agent advocate who can properly advise you and someone who cares, who will be there for you to act as a resource. Use us as a resource to present to you all your options and discuss the ins and outs so you can make an informed decision.

What services do you offer?

Rare coin expert advice: Helping you develop the right strategy for your given needs.
Buying Rare Coins
Selling Rare Coins
Sales Agent for Rare Coins: Both buying and selling
Auctions Representative: Both buying and selling at auctions
CAC Submission Center

What is the biggest mistake people make when buying rare coins?

Buying coins that aren’t actually rare coins. There are tons of generic collectible us and foreign coins that even are slabbed my major grading companies that are not actually rare. I like to call these coins “Coin Dealer Coins” because most dealers have them in abundance in their inventories. Although this can be a very fun hobby if you are looking at rare coins as a means of preserving wealth then mistaking these coins for actual rare coins is how most people get burned. Working with the right person that can help you do the proper due diligence makes all the difference. Working with us will help you avoid the various traps of inexperienced participants like purchasing cleaned and altered coins, buying generic collectible coins thinking they are rare, etc.