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Our VCD Long Beach Sale #1 is now open for bidding. We have 16 lots of choice pieces perfect for any collection. View the online catalog by clicking the link below to view our coins for auction.

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Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Vegas Coin Dealer (VCD) services clients throughout the United States and Internationally, offering private client services. We specialize in high-end Certified American Numismatics as an alternative asset class. High grade numismatics as a tangible asset are often overlooked for wealth preservation. Contact us now for a free consultation.

  • Its Toner Tuesday Everyday

    Barber Proof coins are simply incredible. They are some of our founders favorite coins. Time has been good to these incredible proof coins as they toned like no other. You can find amazing color pallets of all kinds in this series. We believe they are still under valued today compared to their Mint State counterparts.

  • US Copper Large Cents

    The classic Braided Hair large cent
    design first appeared in 1839 as a modification to the old Matron head design. Since then, these coins have been coveted by collectors and given lots of attention from numismatic researchers such as Howard Newcomb and Bob Grellman who have identified all of the known die varieties for a passionate bunch of collectors.

  • Early American Coins

    History matters and the beauty,
    rarity and demand from type collectors keeps the prices high for these early American coins. The Flowing Hair and Draped Bust designs give collectors opportunities to build a set of early American coins that helped cement the victory of the American colonies, giving birth to a new nation that would become the first modern constitutional liberal democracy.

  • Early Gold

    The first American gold coins appeared with the half eagle ($5) and eagle ($10) in 1795. As these coins were minted based on demand, the common dates are rarer than later common dates.

  • Treasures Of History

    Kings, Queens, Princes, other leaders, and historical figures have all utilized coins as money. As empires have risen and fallen what they left behind in terms of numismatics are to be cherished and preserved. The historical significance of these coins are just incredible.

  • America's First Gold Rush

    Before they struck gold in California, sparking what most people know as the Gold Rush, there was an even earlier American Gold Rush that took place in the Carolinas. At the heart of it all was the lead minting company of Christopher Bechtler.

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Buyers of Clark Gruber & Company Colorado Gold

We offer some of the highest prices paid for great collections of 19th Century Proof Early Coinage and Territorials.  




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What we buy? We mainly buy American Type Coins. We are actively looking for Clark Gruber & Co Gold, California Gold, Oregon Gold, Bechtler Gold, Achaemenid Persian Gold Coins & Byzantine Empire Gold Coins. If you have coins like these don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

Territorial Coin & Pioneer Gold

These amazing coins were made by private minters,
semi-official entities, prospectors, entrepreneurs, and opportunists in a variety of locations. Most all of these coins came out of necessity and were created to fill a void that the U.S. government could not or would not fill mainly during what is known as Gold Rushes. Until the government intervened, these issues flourished. Once the government entered the market, these private minters slowly disappeared and were eventually made illegal.

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Pilgrim Money?

Did you know that after crashing into Plymouth Rock, pilgrams settled in Massachusetts where they made their own currency? These amazing coins are still cherished today and are a wide open space for serious collectors right now.

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