Pay With Payment Plan

For all invoices $6,000 and over, Vegas Coin Dealer can arrange extended payment terms. Please consult with us to make arrangements before purchasing directly on our website. The item that you plan on purchasing with Extended Payment Terms needs pre-approval.

Please note, all payments for our Extended Payment Plan must be made by check, or wire. We cannot accept Extended Payment Plan payments by PayPal or any other payment provider.


General payment terms:
1. Extended Payment Terms are not available on all items.
2. A 25% down payment is due right after a purchase is made.
     Additional 25% payment due within 30 days of purchase date.
     Additional 25% payment due within 60 days of purchase date.
     Balance due within 90 days of purchase date.
3. Interest is due on the outstanding balance after 30 days, at the rate of 1% per month (12% annually).


Note, for the first 30 days, no interest is calculated.

  1. There is no penalty for paying items off early
  2. Vegas Coin Dealer will maintain possession and not ship items until they are paid in full.

    Additional terms and conditions for Extended Payment Terms by Vegas Coin Dealer are not negotiable:
    1. Items purchased with pre-approved payment plans do not have a return policy and all sales are final. No returns will be accepted for any reason for any items using the Extended Payment Terms
  3. In the event that the buyer defaults (by not paying on time), Vegas Coin Dealer reserves the right to cancel the sale, and re-offer the items for sale. In the event of a default, down payments will be lost and not returned. Only subsequent installments will be returned

  4. In addition to these terms please see our terms of services for further details on general site terms.



If you have any questions regarding our payment plan policy you can contact us during our business hours at 702-949-7515 or email us at