Grading Coins

Vegas Coin Dealer is an authorized dealer with PCGS and can submit coins on behalf of customers to be graded and certified.

Before sending your coins to be graded we recommend having us appraise them to make sure they are of enough value to justify the grading and shipping fees that it will cost you to send them out.

Once your coins are sent off to PCGS or any other grading service, it is in their hands and we are subject to their time table. Coins may take a significant time depending on the choice of service and your location.

We only recommend grading coins that are worth over $1,000 USD or more to be graded.

Sometimes people choose to grade less expensive coins because they do not care about the fees and just wish to have them graded for the pure fun of the hobby. This is not an issue if you do not intend to sell the coins right after grading.

We always recommend grading and certifying rare coins in order to establish authenticity and condition by a universally accepted third party. This method is good for you the owner of the coin and also good for us to insure future valuations.


When purchasing expensive coins, unless you have enough experience to purchase them raw, which usually is not the case, we always recommend purchasing graded and certified coins by either PCGS, NGC, CAC or ANACS (the major grading companies). Doing this helps prevent major mistakes and loss of value. Having coins that are graded by one of these companies will help with resale. These companies also have websites where you can track your coins, build collections (registry sets), and look at price guides for your coins based on type and grade.

For further information on grading please see these company’s websites:




Now CAC is grading coins!!