Pioneer Gold & Coins from US Private Minters

Pioneer Gold & Coins from US Private Minters

Pioneer Gold 

We are always actively looking to purchase pioneer gold and other coins of private minters from 19th century America.

The American private mint coins often mistakenly known as Territorials that we are looking to purchase or feature in our auctions:

Baldwin & Co

Berry, W.I

Black & Co

Boles N.A

J.H. Bowie (Copper Pattern Dollar)

Cincinnati Mining & Trading Company ($5 and $10 coins)

Clark Gruber & Co

Columbus Company : Silver and copper patterns

Conway J.J.

Dubosq & Co

Dunbar & Co

Harris, Marchand & Co

Hentsch, Henry & Francis Berton

Augustus Humbert Coins

Ithaca (struck over U.S large cent)

Justh (Emil) & S.H Hunter

Kellogg & Co

Kellogg & Humbert, Kellogg & Hewston

Knight & Co

Frederick D. Kohler

Leopold Kuth

Massachusetts and California ( Pattern Coins)

Mathey, Kustel & Riotte

  1. Meyers & Company ½ ounce troy pattern struck over a U.S. large cent

Miners Bank

Moffat & Co

A.P & S.P Molitor Coins

Moran & Clark copper pattern that looks like a $25 Reid coin

Norris, Gregg & Norris

J.S.O. Ormsby $10 Pattern struck over an 1815 Mexican Two Reales coin

Pacific Company coins

Parsons & Co

Pelican Company $1 Silver, $2.5 and $10 brass patterns

Thomas Price

Reid Templeton

Edward Ruhling

San Francisco Mint Pattern Coins

State of California San Francisco silver, copper and white metal pattern coins

Heinrich Schaeffer $5 pattern struck over a U.S. large cent

Shultz & Co

Theall H.W

United States Assay Office Gold Coins

Van Wyck

Wass & Molitor Coins


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