4.66 oz Nevada Silver Co (1950’s)

4.66 oz Nevada Silver Co (1950’s)


Lot 9

4.66 oz Nevada Silver Company Ingot (1950’s)

This extremely sought after piece of the John Ford & Paul Franklin hoard has been a mystery for some time now. It is rumored that Ford produced these ingots sometime before 1955, therefore making them a fantasy ingot. Harry Foreman, a friend of Fords, was a new coin dealer in Philadelphia in the mid 50’s and was involved in making the dies for these ingots. According to the Tonopah Times Bonanza, Franklin found a hoard of Nevada Silver Company ingots in 1955, stashed away in a safe in Tonopah, NV. Franklin was sent from Phoenix to Tonopah to acquire these ingots. This ingot is struck with its weight, 4.66 oz, and a value stamp, $6.01. Although the story is still up in the air on the true origin of these ingots, this is arguably one of the most wanted ingots from the Franklin hoard.

SOLD $4,560

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