1878-CC $1 PCGS MS63

1878-CC $1 PCGS MS63

VCD Auction #3:

Lot 5

1878-CC $1 PCGS MS63

While Morgan dollars are among the most common U.S. coin to be found at shows, auctions, and shops, the 1878-CC dollar is scarcer. Much of the mintage of the 1878-CC was kept in bags which resulted in Mint State examples being relatively easy to source when comparing to its total mintage. By all means, this is not a common coin – in fact, it is downright scarce – but for the date, Mint State examples can be had with a little searching. However, what sets this coin apart from others is the delightful autumn tones gracing the obverse and burnt orange/blue toning on the reverse. The coin is well struck, and one bag mark on the cheek keeps this coin from the Mint State 64 grade. Choice for the Mint State 63 grade.

Cert #43124047
PCGS # 7080

SOLD $570

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