Submit Coins To CAC

Grading is not a perfect science. Its subjective in a way. Sometimes people feel that grading companies get it right, other times no. The Certified Acceptance Corporation stepped in to help regulate this and provide a third party opinion. This is not just any opinion, as its founder John Albanese is considered to be one of the top graders of American Coins of all time. Albanese himself has to approve every CAC coin for its grade. Nowadays CAC has become like a plus grade on a coin as CAC coins tend to go for a premium compared to a non CAC coin of the same grade.

CAC accepts submissions on the following US Coins: All Half Cents 1793-1857 All Large Cents 1793-1857 Small Cents Flying Eagle 1856-1858 Indian Head 1859-1909 Lincoln 1909-1942 (PR) 1909-1958 (MS) Will accept the following Doubled Dies: 1955, 1969-S, 1970-S, 1971-S, 1972, 1983, 1984 and 1995 We do not recognize 1936 Type 3 or 1972 Type 2 doubled die cents All Two Cents 1864-1873 Three Cents Silver 1851-1873 Nickel 1865-1889 Half Dimes 1794-1873 Five Cents (Nickels) Shield 1866-1883 Liberty Head 1883-1913 Buffalo 1913-1938 Jefferson 1938-1942 (PR) 1939 Dbl Monticello & Five Cents 1943/2-P 1949-D/S Ten Cents (Dimes) 1796-1945 All Twenty Cents 1875-1878 Quarter Dollars 1796-1930 Washington 1932-1964 (MS) 1936-1942 (PR) Half Dollars 1794-1947 Franklin Halves 1948-1963 All Mint State and Proof coins accepted All Silver Dollars 1794-1935 Eisenhower Dollars 1971-1978 (MS) One Dollar (Gold) 1849-1889 $2.50 Gold 1796-1929 $3 Gold 1854-1889 $5 Gold 1795-1929 $10 Gold 1795-1933 $20 Gold 1850-1933 Classic Silver Commemoratives 1893-1954 Classic Gold Commemoratives 1903-1926 All Territorial Gold (Except Calif Fractional) All Patterns All Hawaiian All Confederate


Vegas Coin Dealer, LLC is a submitting member of CAC, so we can submit coins on behalf of our clients for that little green or gold sticker. If you feel you have coins that are CAC quality you can reach out to us in order to start the process of submitting your coins.

Not every graded coin is a CAC coin. The reasons vary. But we will do our best to help you determine if your coins are prospects for a CAC sticker.

The Green Sticker (CAC) means your coin is considered quality for the grade. A gold sticker is considered exceptional for the grade. For more information, please refer to the CAC Website